5 Tips On Catering Your Next Event

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We’ve got the right tips to help you with catering your next event!

Everyone loves a good party, especially those of us who live in South Florida. If you are planning an event for friends or family (regardless of the size of your guest list), take a few minutes and check out the 5 tips we have shared below.  At ethos Greek Bistro, we are, in a word, experts. In fact, we have catered events of all sizes throughout South Florida, everywhere from Fort Lauderdale to Coral Springs to Boca and beyond! 

We are excited to share our expertise with you.

  1. Be Prepared: If you are hosting a party, it is critical that you do as much as possible in advance. Nothing makes guests more uncomfortable than a host or hostess who is running around and doesn’t have a second to socialize. Bottom line, you WANT to be a guest at your own event.  
  2. Choose the Right Food: There are many aspects of your event that can help you determine the type of food to provide. Time of day, available seating and the number of guests all should play a role.  For example, if you are planning a cocktail party, from 4:00-6:00pm, for 50 guests, with limited seating, you may want to consider offering an appetizer-type menu, one that includes foods that do not require a knife.  Veggies and dips (like hummus and tzatziki) and finger foods (like falafel and zucchini croquettes) are perfect for this type of party.
  3. Satisfy Everyone: Today, the number of people who have food allergies, dietary restrictions and food aversions is considerable.  When planning your menu, make sure you include something for everyone; you always want your guests to be able to eat. At ethos, we offer a number of vegetarian and vegan dishes both on our catering menu and in our restaurants.  Having choices like this, on hand, ensures that none of your guests will leave hungry.
  4. Music is Marvelous: Music can make or break your party! If you are playing background music, make sure the volume is appropriate.  People should be able to hear the music, but also be able to converse without screaming. You want it to be pleasant, but not distracting.  That said, if your party centers around dancing or singing (hello karaoke), the volume can be a bit louder. Compile your playlist ahead of time. 
  5. Engage a Professional: Honestly, entertaining can be stressful, even more so if you add cooking to the mix. Catering is the perfect compromise. You can have your party at home (or in the location of your choice), control the ambiance, the guest list and music – but leave the cooking to someone else. When you work with a reputable caterer you not only have the opportunity to serve delicious food, you also gain the benefit of their expertise in terms of menu selection and food quantities.

At ethos Greek Bistro we are proud of both our restaurant and catering services. With locations in Wilton Manors and Coconut Creek, we have provided catering services throughout the tri-county area. We are able to handle all types of events, from small and intimate gatherings to corporate lunches and festive parties. Because we can satisfy a broad range of dietary needs, we ensure that everyone who attends your event  can enjoy the food you serve. Our authentic Greek cuisine is so delicious, your guests will come for seconds!

By employing the tips we have shared above, catering a party can be much less intimidating.  Take them to heart and begin to plan your event today. Trust us, spending time with those you love is one of life’s great joys. And, if you are looking to incorporate South Florida’s best Greek cuisine into your event, contact us today – we are happy to leverage our experience for you.


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