The Greek Tradition of Meze and Healthy Eating

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Have you heard of Meze diet or Meze dining? It’s surprising that, given the rise in popularity in Greek food in South Florida, many are still unfamiliar with this term.  According to Dictionary.com,  Meze (in reference to Mediterranean cuisine) refers to “several small dishes served as an appetizer or with alcoholic drinks, or as a light meal.”  Prominent in Greece, this is an incredibly healthy way to eat. Still confused? Think Greek tapas!

Meze Dining at ethos Greek Bistro

At ethos Greek Bistro, we are proponents of Meze dining. In addition to the fact that it is our tradition, it also affords our clients the chance to enjoy a variety of the items on our menu.  The opportunity to indulge like this introduces a broad range of flavor profiles, ingredients and preparations. It’s like saying “Welcome to Greece!”

Popular menu items at our restaurants in Coconut Creek and Wilton Manors, that are perfect for Meze dining, include, but are not limited to our zucchini croquettes, grilled octopus and stuffed grape leaves.  These items, along with many other delicious choices, are prepared using only the freshest ingredients, including fragrant Greek olive oil. We encourage our clients to explore our menu and share dishes with everyone at their table. What a fabulous way to taste so many different things while enjoying the company of friends and family.

The Meze Diet is Healthy

Because all of our dishes are prepared with the very best ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein, hearty grains and good-for-you fats (all components of the Mediterranean Diet), our food is both delicious and healthy. Meze dining is good for your heart, rich in antioxidants and helpful in managing your weight. Basically, it tastes good, is good for you and encourages you to socialize with family and friends. What a fabulous way to eat!!

Dining at ethos Greek Bistro is synonymous with enjoying a meal in the Mediterranean. Everything from the atmosphere and presentation, to the food selection and warm service is reminiscent of eating in Greece. We invite you to enjoy our food, and our Meze style of dining, both in our local restaurants and through our catering services. We are proud to continue to provide the South Florida area the best Greek Cuisine.  

Dine With Us Today

Is your mouth watering at the thought of an evening with friends dining at ethos Greek Bistro? If so, it’s time to visit. Our Coconut Creek restaurant is situated at the Promenade at Coconut Creek.  We also have a location in the heart of Wilton Manors. Pick a day, meet some friends and join us for a Meze experience.

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